Resurrection Church Inc., has a rich history beginning in the year of 1994. Pastor Russell T. Johnson discovered the transcending call to Pastor a wonderful growing and flourishing Ministry. Our first official gathering was in the Month of October of 1994, the saints quickly adjusted to their new church home.




Today Resurrection Church has a strong foundation and powerful impact in the local and surrounding communities, and because of our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have grown and
discovered that we are greatly called to be
‘The Church for the City!’
Pastor Russell T. Johnson is the oldest of four children and was born to the Parents of Russell K Johnson and Pastor Ruth M. Dawson in June of 1961. He was raised in Chicago, IL where he attended the Apostolic Pentecostal Church Morgan Park under the late Bishop Robert A. Baggett Sr., and now led by Bishop William A. Ellis; where he experienced the new birth and received his Pentecostal experience on July 11, 1977. There is where he received mentorship and strong leadership from Bishop Robert A. Baggett, and Elder Andrew Davis.
Pastor Johnson attended Le Man’s Military Private Academy, in Rolling Prairie, IN., and graduated in 1976, where he then graduated from Rich Central H.S. Locating to South Dakota on a football scholarship at the University of South Dakota to graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Education. While he was in college he met his beloved wife, Lady Valerie Johnson, and they were joined together in a blissful marriage after their graduation in May of 1987. They are the proud parents of four children: Victoria & Darieon, Veronique, Russell Jordan, & Rachel; and grandparents of three boys: Darieon Jr., Deair, &
Pastor Johnson first began “preaching” at the young age of 26, under the counsel and guidance of the late District Elder Mack Henderson. With exploring Gods vision for him, and seeking a purpose driving life Pastor Johnson where he
officially accepted the call to the ministry and received his first ministerial
license in October 1993 from Aenon Bible College, and was then was ordained as District Elder in October 2000 where the late Bishop William Abney was
Diocesan, and later handed the great 7th Episcopal District to the Honorable Bishop Richard D. Howell Jr.
Today Pastor Johnson joined by many of the Resurrection family across the Sioux Empire community, who love and respect him as there spiritual father. There is no doubt that Pastor Johnson has been appointed for such a time as this, and will continue to lead, direct, and pull the highest potential out of
God’s children all across the land.